About Us


It’s all in the name...

When we decided to start a business, the name of our venture received a lot of thought. We knew that whatever we decided would need to fully represent us and what we wanted to build. Our name is unique...it comes from Spanish heritage and there are only a handful of families with this name in the United States. We are very proud of this. So, we chose to flip the name. Artal became LATRA. This decision stemmed from the fact that we typically find ourselves thinking of things from an alternate point of view. We think outside the box, see things from every angle, and try to look at all perspectives.

The symbol in our logo (in our way of thinking) creates a pyramid. This again highlights our desire to see from different angles and different points of views. We also want to remain true to our vision and mirror the needs and wishes of our customers. The colors in the logo are also intentional. These are our favorite colors and they stand for sincerity, integrity, honesty, and all things that just come naturally. This same intentional thought goes into every product in our store. Choices are made on purpose. We aim to provide an overall experience, where fun and function intersect and products fill both needs and wants combined. We are a family, and we want you to be an extension of that. Welcome to LATRA. Come in and look around.